What documents do I need to apply for a payday loan ?

What documents do I need to apply for a payday loan ?

You will need:

• Photo identification document: as RG or CNH;
• Proof of income: will depend on your occupation; and,
• Proof of residence in your name: electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill or credit card bill.

In addition, you will need to digitally sign the payday loan agreement, also called the CCB.

But rest assured that you will receive the guidelines at every step of the application.

How can I send my documents?

All documents are sent online. Ideally, you take the photo from the documents with the cell phone camera. But you can also attach images that are already saved on your phone or scanned. What is important is that the document has no part cut and is legible. The selfie you need to take off your face should be taken at the time of the request with the camera of your cellphone or webcam from your computer.

What is the time for checking my documents?

The analysis takes one working day after the submission of all documents. As soon as the analysis is finished, you will be informed via email and SMS. If any document is unreadable, different from what you requested or presents any other problem, you will need to resubmit the document, which will be reanalyzed. Rest assured that our team will communicate you by email of any problems.

What is the validity period for proof of address and income?

The proof of address and income must be up to three months before the payday loan application. In the case of the declaration of Personal Income Tax, you must send the most recent one. Old vouchers will not be accepted.

Why do I need to take selfie to get a payday loan?

Selfie aims to increase your security and prevent someone from making a payday loan on your behalf. The sent selfie undergoes a facial biometric system and is an important factor in the final phase of document analysis.

Once your payday loan proposal is approved by the analysis of your data and documents, you can read and review your payday loan agreement. To complete the payday loan application you must digitally sign the agreement by clicking on the “I have read and agree to the General Conditions of Contract” box and clicking “Finish and subscribe”. The digitally signed contract will be sent to your email.